Our story begins with a strong affection for digital devices. Daniel, Lamicall's founder, bought his first iPhone in 2008, and that little ‘cube’ opened a window to a new world for him, bringing him lots of joy. At that time, Daniel came to realize that smartphones have become irreplaceable devices that many people, including him, simply couldn’t live without.

Convenience and Efficiency

However, the problem was a smartphone couldn’t be used easily in all circumstances or at all times, so Daniel created Lamicall’s first product, the phone stand S01, to work as a ‘third hand’ to hold the phone stably in the office desk, dining table, and anywhere. S01 quickly won the heart of Daniel and the users. Since then, Lamicall has started to explore a more convenient way to use digital devices and successively launched tablet stands, laptop stands, headphone stands, etc. Today, digital products are indispensable to people, and so do Lamicall products to digital devices.

Style and Personality Expression

As Lamicall products become popular, Lamicall engages various users, such as white-collar workers, musicians, gaming live streamers, artists, and even tattooers, but with the same phones and laptops. A street artist shared with Lamicall his artwork — a laptop stand drawn with creative doodles, giving new possibilities for Lamicall products and inspiring our teams to focus on personality expression. It’s the second largest value to enjoy. Lamicall products help office workers unlock a more elegant working style and inspire artists for more unique romantic expressions.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Nowadays, people are keen on the convenience that technology brings. Smart devices have become an ‘organ’ that links us to the outside world. However, Lamicall finds in human "evolution", the conflict between technologies and human health is getting worse on a social scale. Habitual poor postures strain the shoulder, neck, and eyes. Therefore, ‘Ergonomics’ is developed as our third core value. We sincerely hope Lamical products, designed with ergonomics, help users, especially the kids new to the wonderful tech world, enjoy smart devices with healthy postures.