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Portable Ergonomic Computer Notebook Stand  for  M2 Pro/MaxPortable Ergonomic Computer Notebook Stand  for  M2 Pro/Max

Choose Cell Phone Stand, Make Your Life Simple.

A smartphone can benefit our daily lives in many different ways nowadays. With this in mind, WhistleOut performed a study that discovered that consumers spend an average of 9 years staring at their mobile device’s screen. Our cell phone serves as a telephone, a camera, a PC, a social communicator, a television, a media center, a gaming console, or a video caller. While we carry our cell phones all the time, putting your cell phone in your pocket might not sound like the best idea. Moreover, since we are using our cell phones, we should also pay significantly greater attention to how we hold and posture our phones. Keeping it in your hand is not the best option. Neck, shoulder, back, and wrist discomfort can’t be relieved by balancing it on a knee or leaning it against a book.

Why Buy a Lamicall Phone Stand?

A Lamicall phone stand helps you stay organized while also giving your hands a rest. It can improve the security and hygiene of your phone, as well as your comfort and productivity. With over five years of experience in the electronic accessories field and over ten patents, especially in the phone stand category, Lamicall is no doubt one of the most professional merchants in the area.


Lamicall has been continuously consuming user needs and manufacturing mobile phone stands that fulfill those needs throughout the years. Lamicall provides the most excellent options for users, from indoor to outdoor. Adjustable phone standsfoldable phone stands, and Gooseneck phone stands make phone use more convenient and pleasant at home, in the workplace, in the bedroom, and on the road. Outdoors, the bicycle bracket and vehicle-mounted mobile phone bracket can provide better protection for mobile phones. In any case, Lamicall encourages each user to choose the perfect stand for them.

Practical and simple

Your needs and preferences determine the design of your smartphone stand. Lamicall phone stands come in a variety of styles and colors. You can get a stand that secures your phone or one that allows you to modify the angle. A handy tiny ring holder adhesive to the back of your phone as a kickstand. A fancy phone stand that boosts up the decency of your table set-up. Or, if you travel a lot, a foldable phone holder can be an essential gadget in your backpack/purse.

Lamicall practices minimalism not only in our manufacturing process but also in our design process. We are dedicated to only identifying the essential, eliminating the rest, and manufacturing the most practical yet simple products.

Sturdy materials

Lamicall offers a wide range of cell phone holders and accessories. Selecting a mobile phone holder made of high-quality materials requires extreme caution. This is critical because cheaply made smartphone holders might cause damage to your device.

Poor quality plastic and other similar materials do not endure very long and are prone to fracture. Take the phone ring holder as an example if you’re holding your phone in a plastic ring holder, and the ring falls off. That isn’t going to be pretty. To avoid such situations, choose a mobile phone stand constructed of high-quality, durable materials. Lamicall is dedicated to manufacturing our phone holder using high-quality aluminum alloy, silicon, and biodegradable plastic. These materials are incredibly sturdy and durable and will be a perfect guard for your smart devices.


Our phone holders have been created with your convenience in mind. As a result, all of our cell phone stands are simple to use. When you grip our ring stands, you won’t have to worry about straining your wrists or fingers. Our table cell phone stands are made to give your phone some breathing room. Your charging cords will not be twisted as a result of this.


Lamicall cell phone stands for desktops are stable due to their low center of gravity. The weight of your phone will not cause them to wobble or fall over. They also include rubber cushions on the bottom to provide stability and protect your desk from scratches. Because our phone holders have no sharp edges, you and your equipment will be safe.

Wide compatibility

Our smartphone stands work with a wide range of cell phones. Different products can differ in terms of device compatibility. Some of our earlier designs, such as the renowned A, S1 phone stand, are compatible with 4‘-8′ cell phones. Since our electronic devices are getting bigger and bigger, Lamicall also expanded our product dimensions. Products such as DP02, DP03 are now compatible with 4’-10′ smart devices.


Phone stands are devices that hold or mount a mobile phone in/on a particular object to keep it clean and safe while also making it more convenient to use. Depending on the feature of your phone stands, they are designed to sit on a surface, mount to an object, or stick to the furniture. You may use this device to watch Netflix, browse the internet, and perform a variety of other activities without having to hold your phone.

Safety: When taking calls while in the car, following navigation, or in the kitchen staring at a shimmering pot, a cell phone stand can be an excellent guide to your safety. With a phone stand, you can operate your phone hands-free with no issue.

Hands-free operation: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, often known as Text Claw, is a syndrome that causes discomfort and numbness in the hands and fingers as a result of holding devices for extended periods. With a phone stand that prop your smartphone on your desk, vehicle, or your bed, you will never need to have your cell phone all the time. Holding your cell phone while watching TV or reading might be exhausting. A cell phone holder provides rest and comfort for your hands.

Multitasking: Using a phone holder while watching shows, having conferences, tracking navigation, or keeping track of your recipe on your device can help you multitask.

Dedicated space: Place the phone holder in a prominent location on your work desk or by your bedside so that you will use it regularly to hold your phone or tablet. This habit can help you stay organized and benefit your productivity in the long run.

The ideal viewing distance: Most individuals pay very little attention to how close they are to the screen when they’re on their phones. Although we acknowledge that our eyesight may be permanently harmed if we view things incorrectly. We are always unaware of our lousy usage habits when we are in them. A phone stand allows you to keep your phone’s screen at a comfortable viewing distance.

Reduce screen time: Average Americans check on their screen every 5.5 minutes. A phone stand can efficiently help reduce your screen time other than putting your phone in a hard-to-reach place.