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Magnetic Phone Holder for Car VentMagnetic Phone Holder for Car Vent

To Make Your Trip Safer, Select the Most Effective Car Phone Holder

Using cell phone while driving can still be a distraction, proper installation is critical, and effective structure can reduce cell phone use risks. Check to determine if any regulations in your area expressly ban using a car phone holder in your car before you buy one. Yes, some regions prohibit the use of cell phones.For any vehicle without a built-in navigation system, a good car phone mount is a must-have equipment. Phone mounts make it safe and easy to make calls, get turn-by-turn instructions, and use the voice assistant on your phone.

Why Do You Need a Car Phone Mount

Smartphones have unquestionably become an indispensable component of our daily lives. They are considerably more than simply a phone; they entertain us, keep us company, and even assist us when we become disoriented. It’s challenging to fathom our lives before social media. Even though there are strict rules against cell phones in automobiles, there are numerous reasons why you may need to use your phone while driving. As a result, you must verify that your phone is safely and securely secured in the vehicle, whether it’s a vent mount, a dash mount, or one of the numerous other options. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a Lamicall car phone mount for your automobile.

*Safety: Many accidents occur to using mobile phone while driving. Therefore, using a phone stand for car can help you reduce riskiness, for example, not having to hold your phone in your hand to answer a call or check on navigation with your phone on your lap. Use the phone holder to free your hands and prevent your phone from dropping as well.

*Hands-free Call: You don’t need your phone in your hand if you need to make a business call, gab with friends, or talk with your spouse while driving. Driving with one hand is extremely dangerous! All you need is a Lamicall mobile phone holder, which will let you set your phone in the center of your visual field so you can interact with it without using your hands.

*Legal: In many places, the suction cup phone mount and the dashboard phone mount are prohibited. So, if you don’t mind your phone being attached to your vent and you’re too lazy to look up local traffic rules, Lamicall’s Vent Phone Holder is a no-brainer choice.

*For Navigation: Thanks to technological advancements, we no longer need to purchase GPS because we can now navigate using our phones. But why carry your phone on your lap if you don’t have a car phone holder? Of course not, because if your phone is on your lap, you will not only have to glance down at the map, but it will also be easy for your phone to slide under your seat. Lamicall’s Car Phone Holder elegantly solves this problem by simply anchoring the phone to the air conditioner plug and allowing you to navigate using an out-of-sight navigation system. Keep an eye on it.

Why choose Lamicall Car Phone Holder

Lamicall is dedicated to producing the most dependable car phone mounts. After reviewing all of the mobile phone mounts available on the market, we determined that the vent phone mount was a niche worth investing in. Because it is entirely legal and acceptable for most climates that are not particularly chilly. As a result, we concentrated on the best vent phone holder.


Lamicall not only invested a lot to connect the phone’s holder to the air conditioner’s vent, but he also spent a lot of money to secure the phone itself. We used magnets to secure the phone to the stand at first. Later, the mechanical structure arms were created to encircle the telephone. We recently made a cradle-style mobile phone stand that cleverly merged the mechanical construction to keep the phone firmly attached to the stand.


Lamicall automobile vent phone mounts fit any 4.7-6.8 inch phones or other gadgets with a width ranging from 2.37 to 3.54 inches. So if you have a regular phone or even a case, Lamicall car phone holder can indeed hold your phone well and securely.

Ease of Installation and Use

It costs nothing to learn how to use the Lamicall Car Phone Mount. All you have to do now is link the phone to the stand (which may take some effort) and position it on the vent. All you have to do now is take the phone out of the phone stand every time you leave the car and put your phone back in the holder if you need to unlock your hands-free experience.


How to install cell phone holder in a car?

Clip your car phone mount to the car air conditioner ventPut your smartphone in the car phone holder.Squeeze the side arms on both sides with your hands until the phone is firmly clipped to the phone holder.*For specific instructions, please check the user manual.

Can a magnet car holder damage a phone?

A magnetic car holder will not harm your smartphone. Magnetic sequencing was once utilized to store memory in/on complex drive devices, but this is no longer the case with modern chip technology built of non-magnetic materials. Therefore, magnets will not affect their operation.