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Tablet Stands That Last a Lifetime


Tablets are a great way to take your work and entertainment along with you wherever you go. Since tablet screens are bigger than your phone, it is easier to work on them and use them to view your favorite shows and movies. Samsung Galaxy tablets, and Apple Ipads are all the rage because they are smaller in size and less heavy than laptops which makes them portable. The only downside to using tablets is that you have to keep holding them in your hands to use.


That is where tablet holders come in play. Tablet holders are basically props that help you mount your tablets and ebooks so you can view and work on them without having to hold them in your hands all the time. Holders for tablets are also great for keeping your tablets safe even when you’re not using them.


Lamicall’s houses a variety of tablet holders that are designed with quality and functionality in mind. Our desk tablet holders are compatible with Samsung Galaxy, Apple Ipads, and more. They give you the freedom to view, work, and play on your tablet, hands-free.


Tablet Stand Buying Guide


There are many varieties of tablet holders and related products available in the market. But not all of them are the same. You will find cheaper tablet stands available with free accessories and other deals. But they are made of plastic and other fragile materials that are only good for a couple of uses. There are also more expensive varieties that offer extra features.

The best tablet stands for you is one that meets your needs and lasts you a lifetime. Here is a buying guide to help you make an educated buying decision.


Why do you Need a Good Tablet Stand?



Table tablet stands come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You need to choose one that meets your requirements. Do you need a tablet stand:


  • For hands-free viewing of your favorite shows and movies on the bed
  • For playing games using external controllers
  • For working on your tablet while using an external keyboard and mouse
  • For viewing photos and videos
  • For reading your favorite books or the news
  • For recording videos
  • For conveniently working on group tasks
  • For viewing recipes while you cook
  • For video-calling
  • For safekeeping your tablet when you’re not using it


Maybe you need a tablet stand for all of the above tech-related tasks. Table stands are multifunctional. In addition to being very easy to use, they are also easy to travel with. So you can use your tablet or E-book on the go, without worrying about having to hold it in your hands for hours. Another advantage of using tablets stands for desks is that you can multitask easily. For example, you can wash the dishes and catch up with your favorite series at the same time using a kitchen tablet stand for your Apple iPad.


What Factors to Consider When Buying a Tablet Stand?



The quality of your tablet stand will determine its longevity and effectiveness. If you buy a substandard stand for your tablet, it might not be able to hold your tech products steady. It may be prone to breakage, making it unsafe to travel with. It may even damage the surface of your tablet. To avoid all this, you need to invest in a good quality, fully functional tablet display stand. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when buying a tablet stand:


1.Size and Shape


You will find tablet display stands in many sizes in the market. Choose the one that is the right size for your tablet. If you are going to be mounting different electronics on the same stand, choose one that is the right size for the largest tablet you have.


The size of your tablet holder is all the more important if you want to travel with it. A bulky tablet display stand may be okay for home or office use but it will be hard to travel with. If you want to take your tablet stand along with you while you travel, choose a foldable or gooseneck tablet holder. These take very little space and are lightweight making them extremely travel-friendly.


If you want an Apple Ipadtable tablet stand for your office, choose one that is sleek and stylish. It should be just the right size for your tablet so it doesn’t look out of place on your desk. Flexible tablet stands are great for office electronics as you can manage the direction of your accessories as you work on them or while giving a presentation.


2.Construction and Design


Regardless of its use, a tablet holder needs to be sturdy. Fragile tablet stands will always have the risk of breaking and maybe even damaging your tablet. To ascertain the strength of a tablet holder, look at its composition. Generally, tablet stands made of plastic are feeble, while those made of metal alloys are strong.


Another important factor to consider while buying stands for tablets is how they are designed. You need a tablet display stand that is stable. You will find a plethora of cheaper tablet stands on the market that comes with attractive deals and free accessories but they are made of substandard materials and tend to topple over as you mount your tablet on them. This is because they aren’t designed at the right angle to keep them from falling over.


Sharp corners and abrasive surfaces can cause damage to your Amazon tablet. Make sure to check the surface finish of the tablet holder so it doesn’t scratch or scrape your tablet. Sharp corners can be a hazard to you or anyone else who uses the holder so choose a table tablet stand that has rounded corners.


3.Ease of Installation and Operation


It is important to see how a tablet holder will actually ‘hold’ your tablet. Does it have hinges on the sides to keep the tablet in place? Does it have feet at the bottom to support your table? Are there any other moving parts like flexible side arms that fit snuggly to your tablet? The way your tablet stand holds your tablet will tell you how easy it is for you to mount and unmount your tablet.


If there are a number of snug fittings all around the stand, it will hold your tablet safely in the position of your choosing. But that also means you’ll have to put in some effort in mounting and then unmounting it. These type of mounts are more ideal in an office setting or where you don’t need to carry your electronic accessoriesanywhere else in a rush. They are also great for mounting your tablets to keep them stable in certain situations. For example, an Amazon table tablet stand like this can keep your tablet from wobbling while you’re using it on an airplane.


Simple stands for tablets that only feature either side arms or basic feet are great for placing your tablets on when you’re not using them. You can also view and work on your tablets while they are mounted on these stands but you might not be able to adjust the height. Also, they are less safe because your tablet might wobble out of them if it isn’t placed on them correctly. Simple stands for tables usually have wider compatibility. Since they don’t have very strict size-specific boundaries, you can use them with multiple devices easily.


4.Portability and Convenience


Portability is an important factor to consider while choosing the right stand for the tablet. Large, bulky stands are difficult to pack and take along with you on the go. Smaller stands are light in weight but they might still take a lot of space in your luggage


The most portable tablet stands are the ones that can be folded. Also, gooseneck tablet stands are easy to take along because they take very little space. They can easily be clipped onto any surface so you can use them to read in bed, work on a presentation on a train, and conduct video-interviews in your office. You can do all this on the same day easily using a single Apple Ipad gooseneck tablet stand.


If you travel a lot with your tablet and other electronic products, it is a good idea to invest in a tablet display stand that fits easily in your carry-on. It should also be easy to mount your tablet onto the stand and not worry about it wobbling over.


Why You Should Choose Lamicall Tablet Stands?



Lamicall tablet stands are the best in the market because they are made with both design and functionality in mind. Our table tablet holders make your work and life easier by providing you with a one-and-done product.


Our wide range of tablet stands is geared to meet your unique needs. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Lamicall tablet stands:


1.They are Sturdy


We use only the highest quality materials to make our tablet holders. This enables us to deliver a product that is 100% functional and geared to stand the test of time. Our table tablet holders are made from premium aluminum and steel alloys.


Metal alloys are great for making stands for tablets because they are sturdy yet lightweight. All our tablet holders are strong enough to support your tablets without wobbling or breaking. They also feature rubber pads so that your tablets don’t get scratched or scraped. Tablet holder hinges and feet are also made of high strength metal alloys so your tablet remains snuggly in place.


Though they pack a lot of strength, our tablet holders look chic and sleek. The surface coating on all our tablet stands is smooth and lustrous. Lamicall tablet stands don’t have any sharp corners or edges. All edges are perfectly rounded to ensure your safety.


2.They are Versatile


At Lamicall, we believe in creating products that make your life easier. In keeping with that goal, we have created tablet stands that can be used with multiple electronic devices. You can mount your Amazon, Apple tablets, as well as your phones and even Ebook-readers on our tablet holders.


Our tablet stands offer wide compatibility so you can use them across multiple devices. Lamicall tablet stands work with Air mini Surface Pro, iPad

Mini 2 3 4, iPad Pro 9.7 10.5, iPad 9.7 2018/ 2017, 2018 new iPad Pro 11, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, Galaxy Tab a 10.1 10.5 9.7 8, Samsung Galaxy Tab s 8 9.7, Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6, Fire 7/ Fire HD 8/ Fire HD 10 tablet, E-reader, Lenovo, Nintendo Switch, and more. You can even use our adjustable, multi-angle tablet stand with iPhone x 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6, 6S Plus, Xs, Max, XR, and Samsung Galaxy cell phones.


With our multifunctional tablet holders, you don’t need to buy or carry individual stands for your techdevices. Buy our tablet holders for a one-and-done solution to all your device mounting needs.


3.They are Adjustable


Adjustable tablet stands are the need of the hour. You don’t just need stands that will hold your tablet in place. You need ones that will let you manage the height and angle of your device so you can make adjustments according to your requirements. Lamicall understands this need and that is why our tablet stands are fully adjustable.


You can use our tablet stands to mount your tablets and tech accessories both vertically and horizontally. Our universal tablet stands make it easy for you to shift between portrait and landscape viewing. This is great for when you’re recording videos or playing games. Our gooseneck tablet stands also provide multi-angle support so you can view your tablets in bed or on desk.


You can rotate our Gooseneck Tablet Holder to any degree you like. It can be easily clipped on bed headboards, tables, and more so you can enjoy reading, writing, playing, and viewing on your tablet wherever you like.


4.They are Travel-Friendly


Lamicall tablet display stands are lightweight and just the right size for travel. You can easily fold our tablet stand holders to carry them around with you on the go. Our tablet stands are sturdy so you don’t have to worry about any breakages or cracks.


All our portable tablet stands have rubber cushions both on the stand and under it. The cushions on the tablet holder prevent your tablet and tech accessories from getting scratches and scrapes. The cushions underneath the stand give it stability. They also prevent the tablet stand from scratching the surface it is placed on.


5.They are Affordable


Lamicall prides itself on producing the best tablet stands at an affordable rate. All our tablet holders are made of high-quality materials and finished to look professional and sleek. Yet we have kept our prices competitive. Our Multi-Angle Tablet Stand also make for great gifts as they are stylish, durable, and easy to use. Buy one today!


We take the quality of our products very seriously. Our commitment to high standards is mirrored by our lifetime warranty service.


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